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Just some Aussie mates making oat milk since 2019.

Three mates walk into a bar…

This is not the start of a joke, but how our story begins. Many moons ago, long bonded over the great game of cricket, Steve Smith (yes, the pro cricketer), Tony Adams (armed with ample food industry experience), and Daniel Rootes (the eternal optimist) were sharing a cold one. The convo turned to coffee, where Steve, who had just returned from New York, wondered why our sunburnt country couldn’t lay claim to our own oat milk? A double whammy of a dairy alternative, our plant-based milk is both good for your coffee and good for the environment.

That chat has since seen the trio join forces with Janine Adams (health food advocate), Briar Macky (food brand guru), and Nathan Rowe (sales extraordinaire) to welcome the birth of OMG, an oat milk business with integrity, wholeheartedly based around making something that’s genuinely sustainable and genuinely delicious.

OMG was made with baristas in mind (and tested on many), and we’ve enjoyed MANY cups of coffee on our journey to perfect this product formula. In terms of taste and coffee-friendliness you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better substitute for people who can’t (or don’t want to) do dairy. It’s the closest thing in terms of richness, texture, and ability to froth, as well as being free from ISOs, lactose, soy and nuts.

But OMG is also good for the environment. It’s been 5000 years since humankind started sowing wild oats, and they’re as sustainable as ever. They have a low environmental impact as they don’t guzzle water like almonds or rice, and don’t require pesticides to thrive. But the best bit? Australia is already chockers with them. Which makes an Aussie-made oat milk like OMG something worth shouting about, or we think so anyway.

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